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Car Safety Features

Safety Features

For a vehicle manufacturer, auto safety ratings have become an important issue. While buying a car, consumers are giving vital importance to auto safety ratings. Before buying a used car makes sure the following safety issues are met.

Head Restraints: The head-rest of the front seats needs to be positioned behind the head & must be of adequate height.

Airbags: Twin airbags supported by the seat belts effectively safeguard front-seat occupants in an auto crash. Air rushes into the airbags instantaneously after the crash, and the passenger falls on them instead of the steering wheel or dashboard. Seat belts act as further restraint on the occupant moving in forward direction.

Child Safety: An automobile must have a facility for installing a child safety seat to protect children from injury during a car crash, which is a major reason for child fatalities. In America, there is a law that a child under 4 years of age and weighing less than 18 kg must be carried in a child safety seat that meets approved standards.

Traction Control: Traction is the friction between the wheels of your car and the road surface that keeps the car manageable and safe. Driving on a wet road is not easy and it results in loss of friction. In such circumstance, a traction control system controlled by a microprocessor reduces the power being applied to the spinning wheels. Eventually, friction is restored, and the automobile regains its maneuverability.

Anti-locking Brake System: In an emergency, when a driver applies pressure on the brake pedal, he tends to keep on applying it. This results in a locking of the wheel, and the rubber in contact with the road surface gets heated and melts and the car skids out of control. Preferably, one should apply pressure on the pedal and release it to reduce the speed of the wheel's rotation without veering out of control. New cars use microprocessors to pump the brake pedal, which evades skidding.

Collapsible Steering Column: In an automobile crash, when a driver is thrown against the steering wheel, the steering column breaks and folds. It collapses, taking with it the inner tube and steering shaft, thus collapsing the steering wheel. The driver escapes the full effect of the crash.

Nevertheless, car safety is not related only with hardware but also includes the discipline of the driver as well. Safe driving is the best measure one can employ.


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