by nitya 21. June 2012 07:43
How to Inspect Used Car in India


Overall Inspection

When you are going to inspect a used car, do not go alone. It is better to bring a friend who has knowledge on car engines and parts. If that is not possible, better to pay a mechanic to bring along with you. Because detailed inspection is necessary to buy a used car, which may not be necessary for new car. Do not forget to prepare a checklist before going for the inspection. Never test-drive the car before inspection. Inspection will save your time from test drive an unworthy car and it is easy to inspect the cool engine. Check the doors meet the car body well and rest on the same plane. Check all the windows and tires.

Be careful while checking the paint job. Prefer daytime for inspection, because you can clearly see the rust, dings and dents on the car. Rust generally gives worst look to the car’s appearance. It is expensive to repair rust and even not possible to reverse it. Scratches on the undercarriage indicate off-road abuse or accident. Check the trunk of the car should not show any sign of rust or any cracks. Inspect the car seats and upholstery free from any damage. Some time it may seams unnecessary but every small defect will be a problem for you and every shortcoming can drive the price down.

Engine Inspection

Make sure that the engine hoses, rubber gaskets, tubes and belts should not have any cracks or holes. The radiator hoses should be very firm and if it is soft then there is a need to change the radiator hose. Timing belt is most expensive one to replace. Normal life span of the steel timing belt is form 50,000 to 100,000 kilometres. Be specific in finding any sort of leaks or corrosion in engine. Check for any dark brown oil stains in the engine section. If so then there could be possible problem in engine and it lead to an expensive repair in future. If possible, check for any under body rust.

Remove the oil filler cap, if there is any foam residue inside the cap indicates the head gasket is leaking. Check the coolant, if it looks brown which means it is never been flushed and is often a leaky gasket. Insert and remove the oil dipstick, if the oil is dark and dirt, then there is rust in head gasket. You can also look for drops of water on the oil clinging to the dipstick, which reflects an expensive head gasket problem.

Final Inspection

Read the car's service record carefully. It gives you some information regarding the performances, repairs, and problems of the car. Test-drive the car before making any final decisions. This is one of the best ways to know the condition of the car. Watch the temperature gauge to make sure the engine is not overheating. Check the speedometer, weather it accurately relating your speed as you drives. While test-drive the car, be sure to check the brakes of the car by pressing down hard enough on the brakes.

Finding a best-used car takes time, so start looking for the dream car early and be patient. Sometimes when you find a decent, well-maintained car from a trustworthy owner, which passes all your inspection, then it is worth to pay bit more over the current market price. Such cars are hard to come by and it is not worth losing the car for a small amount of money.


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