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Tips on selling your used car

Selling a Used car

With the sudden booming of auto industry, there is mind boggling range of cars coming up. With its very low price second-hand cars too become attractive.  With its high competition the owners of the used cars need to get satisfactory deal. So here are some tips for them to sell their second hand cars.


Evaluate the car value

The first and foremost thing you need to do before putting your used car on sale is to find the current value of your car.  With the help of a reputed mechanic or from online you can know how worth your car is. Raise a few hundreds or thousands above it for it’s always results in bargain.

Give a revamp

No, you do not need any ravishing styling. But you will need at least to carry out some repairs here and there. If something is really wrong with any of car's vital components, then you might even get it replaced. Also, before you plan to actually sell your car, do some renovating and general facelift procedures on your car. This includes replacing window glasses and wipers, changing torn stuffing and carpeting, replacing broken knobs, etc.


Get your car serviced

Check if your car is still meeting the pollution control norms. See if the car's emission is in perfect order. Check out with your local authorities if your car violates any traffic rules. If yes, then find ways to set them right before you sell your car.

Keep all documents in order

You will have to ensure that all of your car's paperwork is up to snatch before you put it up for sale. This will include current registration records for your car, ownership documents, insurance documents, service and parts replacement records for your car, pollution control records, etc.

Advertise your car

There are many ways to advertise your used car for sale. You can put up leaflets in local mechanic shops, clubs, bulletin boards, grocery shop advertisement boards, local garage sales and even insert some appealing ads in local journals. You need to mention the make, the year and the mileage. Describe the condition of the car in approximate terms, using phrases such as 'excellent working condition', 'very good condition', 'no complaint condition', 'needing slight repair', etc. Mention your phone number, but there is no need to give more information. Interested people will call you, and then you can fix up an appointment with them.

The more you know about the car and its specifications, the more effectively you will be able to answer questions of potential buyers.




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